• Paperless order picking

    Eliminate tiresome paperwork - faster picking processes


The principle

A number of different paperless picking processes have already established themselves on the market. Hand scanner based picking, for example, registers goods and records their storage positions by scanning them with a laser scanner. This means that all goods can be quickly found even in chaotic warehouses.

Paperless picking methods also include “pick by light” and “pick by voice” options. These methods make picking easier, increase picking rates and lighten employees’ workloads by eliminating tiresome paperwork.

“Pick by light” - picking directed by light signals - is typically used in BITO carton live storage systems. Goods are picked from the container with an illuminated signal light.

The “pick by voice” method uses headphones to direct the picker, who follows the spoken instructions.

BITO enables the initial conditions for paperless picking and fits picking systems accordingly. We work with renowned system partners to fit such technology.

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