• Storage installations with integrated conveyors

    Fast access and exceptionally high picking rates.


The principle

If your product turnover rates are relatively low, it may be enough to pick goods directly from the front of the rack in a service vehicle. If the turnover rate rises, it makes sense to install conveyors at the front of the system. Items and containers are then transported along the conveyors, not just streamlining processes but also lightening employees’ workloads. This add-on is particularly advisable for multi-level picking systems, to simplify transportation between picking points and all necessary related processes.

BITO live storage installations are suitable for picking cartons and allow you to supply a large number of items in a small area. Fitting an existing installation with a conveyor system requires suitable interfaces. BITO sources these from carefully chosen partners, customises them to meet your requirements and integrates them with your existing system.

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