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    Flexible, efficient and fast provision of goods: BITO PRO pallet live racking with integrated pallet buffer


Our customer

La Provençale in Luxembourg employs 1,100 people and is the regional largest centre for food wholesale and food distribution. The company supplies more than 140 refrigerated trucks, among others. Restaurants, bakeries, canteen kitchens and canteens with high-quality gourmet products. Over 35,000 items are delivered both within the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and in the neighbouring regions of Germany, Belgium and France.

Customer requirements

    • Increased capacity and more effective land use: The food wholesaler is constantly growing with limited storage space availability. Reason for the company to invest in a new storage facility.
    • The new orders are usually very short-term, so you have to be able to react quickly to the order picking.
    • The constant change of the product range requires a flexible storage solution.
    • Up to 2,000 orders must be processed per day.

The BITO Solution

    • BITO Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) and BITO PRO pallet live storage

    » BITO pallet live racking with feed-through frames at the lower level provide goods for manual picking.

    • Lighting

    » Beams with pick-by-light bars were installed at the operator side to indicate which products are required for picking.

    • Integrated pallet warehouse

    » On the upper level of the pallet racking system, a zone for storing further pallets as buffer storage is planned.

On-site application

    • The goods are picked at the lower level of the pallet live storage system.
    • Dairy products and other fresh produce are provided in the flow shelf system in First-in First-out (FIFO) order.
    • The installation is temperature controlled.

Customer benefits

    • Order picking has become more efficient.
    • The space requirement is low despite the huge variety of items.
    • There is a high degree of flexibility possible because reference lines can be quickly exchanged and made available via the flow rack system.
    • The picking area and the storage area are close to each other – the goods can be replenished quickly and efficiently.
    • The throughput times will be kept short, which is especially important for fresh produce.
    • Pick-by-light ensures good visibility and readability, thus reducing the error rate during order picking.

What our customers say

We are constantly changing our product range. For us freshness, quality and service have the highest priority.

Jerry Zieser,responsible for buildings and technology at La Provençale

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