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LEO-Locative als fahrendes Pufferlager (pdf | 141 KB)

The automotive and supplier industry is one of the most important and innovative industries in the world. But it is precisely in this industry that particularly complex logistical requirements have to be mastered. Especially in global spare parts logistics for passenger cars and commercial vehicles, every hour counts to avoid downtime.

  • Quick return on investment: Short amortisation periods and optimal scalability.
  • No expensive infrastructure necessary: Decentralised control without WLAN or master computer.
  • High flexibility through automated, driverless connection of the individual storage or production positions.

Intralogistics E-Commerce

Mehr Umsatz im E-Commerce Zeitalter (pdf | 3 MB)

Online retail is booming: online purchases have been rising as a proportion of overall sales for years. This presents a particular set of challenges for intralogistics.

  • The ideal solution for e-commerce businesses
  • What trends can be seen?
  • Increasing warehouse density to improve efficiency

E-Food: Die richtige Lagertechnik als Optimierungs- und Ausbauchance (pdf | 3 MB)

Tips for online grocery retail. Using optimised storage systems makes grocery retail more profitable than ever in e-commerce.

  • Save space and travel time to speed up deliveries
  • Complete transport chain ensures fresh, undamaged goods
  • Win new customers for online grocery shopping

E-Fashion: Intralogistik für den Online-Mode-Handel (pdf | 2 MB)

The online fashion retail sector faces a constant need to adapt to rising growth rates and wider product ranges. Special requirements such as seasonal changes and fast-moving trends place extra challenges on logistics.

  • Omnichannel approach: Special requirements, flexible storage solutions
  • Consistent item availability and constantly decreasing delivery times
  • Optimal storage capacity and returns management

Retourenmanagement und Kommissionierung im E-Commerce (pdf | 2 MB)

Driverless transport systems enable cost-effective order processing for intralogistics in online retail. The solution: Save travel time and create an effective returns management system

  • Increase cost-efficiency in internal transport
  • Integrate routes into multi-level picking
  • Quickly and effectively counter rising return rates