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Customer requirements

The modern world would be all but unimaginable without global logistical services. And yet behind every on-time delivery, there lies a complex network of diverse transport means, warehouses, picking and distribution centres. When moving millions of items through warehouses, you need a storage system which functions flawlessly while still keeping process costs low. It is also essential to preserve the flexibility needed to grow with end customers and their changing requirements. Suitable intralogistics are therefore the centrepiece of logistical junctions, becoming increasingly closely connected to HGV, ship, rail and air transport.


    • Intense competition demands constant optimisation of logistical processes.
    • Customers are becoming increasingly interested in cost transparency within the supply chain.
    • Production systems which let the customer rely on just-in-time deliveries require maximum delivery reliability.
    • It is becoming increasingly common to expect digital networking and the integration of additional services such as digital tracking of shipments.

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