Shelving for non-palletised loads

Whether you have to handle non-palletised loads, cartons, bins, lever arch files or products without packaging – for your operational productivity it is important that your products are safely stored and can be immediately located and accessed to make product picking as easy as possible.

BITO Storage Sytems Middle East have solutions for unit loads including shelving, multi-tier installations, mezzanines, carton live storage facilities and automated storage systems. They have been designed for use with small, large, light weight and heavy weight loads as well as bulky and long goods and are manufactured with state-of-the-art technology which guarantees a consistently high product quality.

All these solutions are on display in our ‘Solutions Centre’ located in DWC, Dubai, UAE. Contact us today to arrange your tour.

Whatever your requirements, organisational structure or features of your premises are – at BITO, we have the products, know-how and experience to work out the best storage solution for your warehouse or workshop. Our aim is to optimise your intralogistical processes to save you space, time and money.