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The customer

The TVH company is known for its huge assortment of spare parts - spare parts - for forklifts, lifting platforms and industrial vehicles. The company was founded in 1969 in Waregem and has grown into an international company with over 2,500 employees. Every day, 20,000 customers from 160 different countries call on their expertise and services. Their stock of spare parts for old trucks that are still functional has a worldwide reputation. One of the passions of TVH Forklift Parts is providing excellent customer service. This passion continues in their drive to increase mechanized processes in their warehouses.

What were TVH's needs?

TVH is constantly on the lookout for solutions that go beyond the basic solution. The company maintains a constant stock of more than 450,000 parts for forklifts. Spare parts are delivered all over the world and THV must be able to guarantee a faultless delivery, as quickly as possible. In these circumstances, the layout of the warehouse, the dispatch of orders and optimal logistics are crucial elements for its logistics center. In addition to all this, TVH is experiencing significant growth, which means that the company regularly feels the need to increase its storage capacity.

How were we able to help THV?

    • The solution had to respect the existing warehouse walls. BITO was able to make maximum use of each square meter and implemented the construction of platforms, so that TVH could work at three different heights. One by one, each empty space in the warehouse was redeveloped and put into use, implying that the productivity of the warehouse did not decrease during the adjustment period.
    • TVH wants internally a delivery time of up to 30 minutes to be guaranteed. We therefore did not opt for a picking area but for a single bin per order line. At the end of the process, all the bins are collected in sorting units. The sorting units consist of automatic bin stores with dynamic tunnels. These same boxes are also used in miniload racks.
    • The BITO preparation tank is used as a basic element. The order picking process is designed around the BITO order picking bin. For this reason, heavy demands are placed on these containers, which can be used universally throughout the system. On this day, more than 360,000 plastic bins from BITO circulate in the logistics center of TVH. Most of these bins are equipped with a double bottom, which results in a higher load capacity and an impeccable transport on journeys of several kilometers.

The advantages for TVH

    • The increase in the degree of use with dynamic parcel racking can be up to 60% compared to traditional shelving. Previously, TVH only completed 2,500 order lines per day. With their new equipment, they can now complete up to 20,000 order lines per day.
    • Maximum use of every square meter of the warehouse.
    • Everything is done so that employees can work in ergonomic working conditions. BITO's dynamic parcel racks can easily be adjusted. The processes are simple and efficient. The collection is now much easier. Employees feel more comfortable at work. Student jobists can also be employed in the warehouse without much prior explanation.

Customer testimonial

"This collaboration makes you want to carry out more projects, the collaboration with BITO can certainly last for a very long time. The tailor-made adaptations of BITO are well thought out. Before implementing a certain solution, it is first tested. This is beneficial to us in practice. Thanks to the collaboration with BITO, we currently have an effective system that we will be able to use for many years to come. In addition, BITO keeps thinking critically about solutions that would further optimize the system."

Erik Deceuninck, Project Manager of TVH Forklift Parts

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