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    BITO pallet flow racks and pallet racks in food distribution


The customer

The Greenery is a hub in the Netherlands for the distribution of fresh fruit and vegetables. The Greenery supplies daily fresh fruit, vegetables and mushrooms to numerous supermarket chains throughout the year.

From the distribution center in Barendrecht, the Netherlands, logistics service provider Hollander Barendrecht - subsidiary of The Greenery - supplies fresh and semi-fresh products.

The highly dynamic operation continues six days a week. Most products are delivered again after a maximum of one and a half days. We speak of an extremely fast rotation.
To guarantee the flow and not to have excessive driving distances, shelving blocks were chosen, with storage slots of 1 pallet location or a flow channel with multiple pallet locations. For the buffer stock it was decided to use overhead flow channels. The whole is structured in such a way that the picking takes place in a tunnel and the restocking takes place outside.

What did The Greenery need?

    • Trade in fresh products requires short lead times and fast, efficient handling in a highly dynamic warehouse
    • FIFO is an absolute priority.
    • The operation proceeds quickly, safely and efficiently with a reliable predictable execution time.
    • The warehouse equipment must meet the highest hygienic food standards.

How did we solve it?

    • For the fast movers, flow racks for pallets on the ground were provided, with or without an extra stock in the overhead flow channels.
    • That resulted in FIFO and a buffer stock.
    • The roller conveyors are foldable. This way the floor can be cleaned.
    • The restocking and the picking operation are separate, which ensures that operators hardly influence each other and that everyone can perform their tasks smoothly and predictably.

The benefits for The Greenery

    • Increase productivity
    • Automatic control over FIFO
    • Faster turnaround times
    • Hygiene and safety

The customer testifies

"We wanted efficient use of space through a new warehouse layout. Within the limited height, a tunnel setup is the best choice. In this way we use the space twice. We chose BITO based on their flow racks. This rack is ideal if you work with large volumes and fast movers, the most requested items from the warehouse. With a minimum of handling, the articles flow to the distribution and order picking side of the flow racks."

Cees Kraaijeveld, Director of Hollander Barendrecht

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