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    Short travel distances and short throughput times in pharmaceutical logistics: BITO Carton Live Storage solution meets the demands


Our customer

SK Pharma Logistics provides warehousing, logistics and distribution services for medical-pharmaceutical products. From planning and organization through control and processing to the control of individual positions, the range of services includes not only all stages of logistics - from professional warehousing to optimized delivery - but also individualized distribution. All processes are always adapted to the required drug requirements. Pharmaceutical products rank highest in sensitive goods because they provide immediate well-being, health and often survival. Special safety precautions and the highest hygiene standards in terms of storage, handling and shipping as well as continuous transparency along the supply chain are therefore not just a legal guideline for SK Pharma Logistics. They also reflect the conviction of the company from North Rhine-Westphalia to deal responsibly with the goods and information entrusted to it.

Customer requirements

    • The range of services of the logistics service provider includes both small and bulk orderss
    • All orders must be processed within the shortest possible time for worldwide shipping
    • The storage facility must enable short and efficient picking routes
    • Ensuring a fast order time is essential
    • High hygiene standards and safety regulations must be observed

The BITO Solution

    • BITO Carton Live with Pallet Buffer storage above

    » The BITO PRO Pallet Racking with Carton Live flowshelves were installed

    • Partially integrated buffer storage

    » In some areas, BITO pallet racks are installed above the Carton Live, which serve as buffer storage for the replenishment of the Carton Live

    • Flow Shelving in 2 variants

    » To simplify picking and improve ergonomics, the flowshelves are straight as well as cranked

    • Integrated conveyor technology

    » Upstream manual conveyor lines make order picking easier

    » Driven conveyor lines behind it serve for the removal of the picked goods

    • Pick-by-Light

    » The piece goods flow rack system is equipped with Pick-by-Light system

Storage facility features

    • Storage facility features
    • The employees pick the orders in boxes
    • The cartons are forwarded for dispatch via the integrated conveyor line
    • The pallet racks in the upper shelf levels serve as pallet buffers for stock replenishment

Customer benefits

    • Commission Pick-by-light picking saves working time and helps to avoid mistakes.
    • The system makes it possible to keep the throughput times short
    • Conveyor technology and integrated buffer storage ensure very short picking travel times

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