• Rossmann

    Optimum use of space with BITO PROmotion pallet live storage facility


Our customer

Rossmann GmbH is one of Germany's biggest discount health and beauty chains. Growing progressively since the first shop was opened in 1972, Rossmann operates today more than 1,850 stores in Germany as well as several distribution centres with a total floor surface of almost 240,000 m².

Customer requirements

    • Manual pallet picking
    • Pallet buffer stock, pallet weight between 80 and 1,500 kg
    • Integrate sprinklers

Storage facility features

    • Pallets are picked in LIFO order from 10 meter deep floor-level lanes.
    • The 2 storage levels on top accommodate 176 buffer lanes that are serviced by 5 PROmotion shuttle vehicles.

Customer benefits

    • Maximum use of warehouse space - racking blocks are used for order picking and product buffering.

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