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    BITO Pallet racking PRO in top modern multi-user logistics facility


Our customer

In 2013, Pfenning logistics moved their new headquarters to Heddesheim onto a 20 hectare site with the most modern industrial building in Europe: the multicube rhein-neckar. With its colourful blue, red, yellow and orange building face, this top modern multi-user distribution centre attracts attention even from a distance. Founded in 1932, the company started out as transportation business for milk churns and continuously grew into today’s contract logistics provider who offers warehouse management, distribution and transportation services for customers from very different industries ranging from chemical companies to fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) such as foods and other consumables. Still family owned, the company employs some 1,650 people at 40 sites in Germany.

Customer requirements

    • Compliance with hygiene regulations is a must, since the logistics centre also serves customers from the food industry.
    • Make optimum use of space
    • Install a storage facility that adapts to changing requirements.
    • Allow order picking at floor level height.
    • Speed up lorry loading and unloading to reduce lorry waiting times and increase the number of lorries processed.
    • Provide fast and easy access to stored goods. In order to make sure that this list of requirements is in good hands, Pfenning looked for a competent, solution-oriented system partner.

BITO Solution

    • Ideal combination

    » BITO PRO Pallet racking and BITO pallet live storage PLS were the ideal combination for our customer’s requirements, providing enough space for approximately 140,000 pallets.

    • Optimum space utilisation

    » The customer’s goods-in and goods-out areas were furnished with BITO PRO highbay pallet racking with narrow aisles.

    • Dispatch route related order preparation

    » Pallets with picked goods are stored according to dispatch route / lorry tour in pallet live storage racking in the goods-out department.

Storage facility features

    • Pallets of different sizes and makes can be stored.
    • An automatic guidance system allows truck operators to move much faster than with manual steering.
    • Picked orders are buffered space-savingly in pallet live storage PLS in the goods-out department.
    • For hygienic reasons, the lowest racking level has been mounted 200 mm above the floor.

Customer benefits

    • Narrow aisle racking provides compact storage.
    • Integrated flow shelves increase stock turnover.
    • Up to 175 lorries a day can now be processed in the new logistics centre.
    • Faster lorry loading and unloading.
    • Easy height adjustment of storage levels, since beams are simply hooked into upright slotting.
    • Fast and easy maintenance/repair since BITO PRO pallet racking uses standard components.
    • 200 mm spacing between floor and ground level allows convenient floor cleaning.

Customer statement

Our multicube facility is a real landmark with a future-proof layout. Realisation was only possible with the right partners.

Christopher Granath, Manager Process Engineering

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