• Mank

    BITO PRO pallet racks and BITO shelving racks for central storage


About the customer

Mank GmbH is an important manufacturer of disposable fleece, tissue and paper materials as well as cleaning and hygiene products for industry and trade. The company was founded in 1930 in Harschbach in the Westerwald and manufactured coasters and cup doilies. Today, Mank GmbH sells its products all over the world and is one of the top companies operating in this field.

Customer requirement

    • Dissolution of the existing satellite warehouse into a central warehouse with more than 20,000 pallet spaces to save costs and shorten distances.
    • Achieving faster access times and improving the availability of goods.
    • Ready storage and buffer storage for overcapacities
    • High availability for existing and new customers
    • Integration of an e-commerce warehouse and expansion of online trading

The BITO solution

    • System mix

    » Wide-aisle pallet racking in combination with a narrow-aisle warehouse and shelving in the e-commerce sector

    • Storage concept

    » Operating aisle widths designed for System Man Up order picking trucks and narrow aisle trucks

    • Small parts picking

    » Shelving racks in different system dimensions for the entire range of articles in online trade

    • Packing & Shipping

    » Workstation systems for processing and consolidating a wide variety of items

Customer application

    • Processing of the WE and WA with Man Up forklifts in different aisle widths
    • Buffering of overcapacities from own production
    • Access to each individual storage location just in time
    • Stockpiling ordered purchase quantities / partial quantities

Customer benefit

    • Shorter response times and delivery times ensure customer satisfaction
    • Reduced logistics routes reduce internal transport costs
    • increased flexibility in the provision of goods and consolidation of products for the WA
    • compact warehousing of the entire portfolio

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