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    BITO PROmotion – Maximum use of warehouse space without interrupting operations


Our customer

Leifheit counts among the leading European providers of non-electronic household products. The large product range includes high quality cleaning and laundry equipment for homes as well as house and kitchenware.

Customer requirements

    • Make better use of the existing warehouse space with a storage system that is able to handle pallets and manage workflows more efficiently.
    • Retrofitting must be done while warehouse operations continue.

The BITO Solution

    • More pallet positions

    » With this shuttle-assisted BITO PROmotion facility, Leifheit was able to increase their storage capacity by some 10,000 pallet positions.

    • Remote-controlled pallet handling

    » 6 battery-operated and remote-controlled shuttle vehicles are used to move pallets into and out of racking lanes.

    • Long lanes

    » With a depth of 10 to 16 metres, the lanes of this facility offer compact pallet storage.

Storage facility features

    • The BITO PROmotion facility allows to perfectly organise pallet infeeding and outfeeding and to update stock levels in real-time.
    • Storage in LIFO order

Customer benefits

    • As opposed to block storage, the BITO solution ensures optimum use of floor surface and warehouse height, thereby increasing the total amount of pallet positions.
    • Each lane can be directly accessed.
    • Compared to push-back racking, BITO PROmotion has the decisive advantage that longer lanes can be realised.
    • In our case, the number of pallet positions increased from 43,000 to 53,000.

Customer statement

Thanks to the BITO storage solution, our central distribution warehouse is now ideally prepared to adapt to our growth targets and to cope with today’s demand of a flawlessly connected supply chain.

Steffen Hinderer, Logistics Manager and director of the Leifheit distribution centre in Zuzenhausen, Germany

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