• LAMPA S.p.a.

    Lampa has chosen BITO for the supply of a highly customized solution of plastic containers and trays


Customer information

Lampa is a leading company in the sector of accessories for cars, motorcycles, cycles and trucks that, in its over 60 years of history, has always proposed itself to the market by investing in research and development and continuously strengthening the company structures so as to be always ready. to give adequate answers to a constantly evolving question. The head office is located in Viadana (MN) and is divided into 4 different structures: 3 satellite warehouses and the new operational headquarters, inaugurated in 2003, with an adjoining modern logistics center, which allows Lampa to manage orders quickly. and efficient. The storage and handling of goods are supported by automated systems with the most modern technologies available.

Starting situation and customer requests

    • 15,000 square meters of logistics area of ​​which 9600 square meters dedicated to the automatic warehouse only
    • 23,000 references managed, of which 22,000 references managed with the automatic warehouse
    • Maximum plant capacity 40,000 boxes and 14,600 pallets

The BITO solution

    • 41200 BITO XL containers 800x600x420h mm, made of recycled PP, with double base, drainage holes and the application of 4 bar code labels
    • 550 trays made ad hoc 1200x600x121h mm, in recycled PP with drainage holes and the application of 4 barcode labels


    • The logistic center of Lampa is visually impressive and the handling is very intense:
    • BITO has supplied all the loading units handled in the logistics center, equal to 41200 containers and 550 trays that are handled by an automatic system designed and built by a specialized company.
    • 85 shuttles move on 6 corridors, with 68 locations for 18 levels with a total of 29,376 UT;
    • 4 Miniload removals move on 4 corridors, with 97 locations for 14 levels with a total of 10,864 UT
    • and finally 4 other movers that move on 4 corridors, with 66 locations for 14 levels with a total of 14,784 UT

Customer benefits

  • The containers and trays are used for storage inside the automatic warehouse, by means of roller conveyors and conveyors (supplied by a specialized company) they reach the order preparation station to allow the operator to pick up the reference.
    Thanks to the important investment in the new distribution center, the picking performance has significantly improved, going from 4,500 picks over 3 shifts to the current 8,500 picks over 2 shifts with an 80% reduction in picking errors..

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