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    Safe shipment of pharmaceuticals in BITOBOXes MB with security seals


Our customer

The Klinik-Apotheke of the Dresden University Hospital supplies pharmaceuticals to 21 hospitals with their wards, operating theatres, outpatient departments, functional units and laboratories, 3 institutes and 8 interdisciplinary centres of the Carl Gustav Carus University Hospital at the Technical University of Dresden as well as some 15 institutes of the Medical Faculty. There are also supply contracts for the provision of medicines to surrounding hospitals and rehabilitation clinics. Some of the patients at the university hospital are cared for with the help of a unit-dose system. Medications are individually formulated for each patient and delivered to the ward. This system is complemented by the activities of a pharmacist on the ward, who supports physicians and nursing staff in providing optimal care for patients. Klinik-Apotheke also has state-of-the-art facilities for the production of medicines. Over 40,000 oncological and approximately 50,000 sterile preparations as well as many other dosage forms are produced here every year, both for specific patients and in batches.


Initial situation and customer requirements

    • Due to space restrictions, the customer needed nestable containers to save on space during empty handling.
    • The sensitive and expensive products that fall under the Narcotics Act must be protected from unauthorised access.
    • The cold chain must not be interrupted for items requiring refrigeration.
    • Sturdy containers are needed to cope with the large number of daily distribution cycles.
    • Picking in the clinic pharmacy is done with a shopping basket or a cart. Often, several orders are picked at the same time to increase efficiency. In addition, mesh-sided roll containers and conveyor technology are used. The distribution boxes therefore had to have good handling properties for transportation on conveyor belts.
    • Different box sizes were required, yet the preferred box size is 400 x 300 mm.

The BITO Solution

    • Tamper-evident, single-use security seals MBP 1 protect contents against unauthorised access. Two seals are required per container.

    • Imprinted corporate logos or messages enable immediate identification.

    • MB BITOBOXes are made from tough and durable plastics.

    • Nestable distribution containers BITOBOX MB are ideally suited for order picking as well as for space-saving empty storage. Fitted with a drop-on lid, the boxes can also be stacked.

    • BITO MB multi-purpose distribution containers can be supplied with a modular thermal insert to create various temperature zones within the container. Cold packs keep in-box temperatures at an even level. They can also be used to subdivide space within the box. The box inlays can be nested when not in use. Medicines and other items requiring refrigeration can therefore be shipped in vehicles without temperature control.

    • MB BITOBOXes with double base stand out from competitor products for their smooth travel characteristics on conveyor systems, their dimensional stability and good cleaning properties. With only minimal base deflection, MB containers are also suited for automated small parts storage (AS/RS) as well as for storing and transporting very heavy loads.

    • MB containers are available in many base dimensions (L x W 300 x 200 mm, 400 x 300 mm, 600 x 400 mm, 800 x 400 mm, 800 x 600 mm) and height options.

On-site application

    • Until now, the clinic pharmacy has used shopping baskets or trolleys for order picking. Picking directly into the BITOBOX MB is now possible. Several orders are often picked at the same time to increase efficiency. In addition, mesh-sided roll containers and conveyor technology are used.
    • The BITOBOX MB is also used to deliver medicines and items to the clinics.
    • MB distribution containers with thermal inserts and cold packs are used for medicines and items requiring refrigeration.
    • Tamper-evident security seals reduce the risk of unauthorised access.

Customer benefits

    • MBs can be used for order picking and shipping - no repacking required.
    • MBP1 single-use security seals provide protection for pharmaceuticals and other products during shipment.
    • Empty container nesting saves valuable space.
    • MB containers are made from tough and durable plastics.
    • BITO MBs with a thermal insulation set comply with the Good Distribution Practice (GDP) guidelines for medicines and items requiring refrigeration.
    • Imprinted corporate logos or messages enable immediate identification.

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