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    Efficient storage solution through the integration of a multi-level system in a pallet racking system


About the customer

The traditional company Jumbo Textil celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2009. Founded in 1909 by Alfred Schnakenberg, the program initially included pure yard goods for narrow textiles such as cords, ribbons and braids. The company is now an innovative partner of the industry for high-tech solutions in the field of “technical textiles”. For customers from various sectors such as the automotive, outdoor clothing and aviation industries, among other things, very individual products - e. B. in connection with non-textile components - developed. In 2016 Jumbo Textil GmbH & Co. KG started work on the 13,500 square meter site of the new company headquarters in Sprockhövel near Wuppertal. Since then, perfect working conditions, greater process efficiency and innovative technology have led to textile solutions of the highest quality and increased production capacity.

Initial situation and customer requirements

    • In the existing shelving system, Euro pallets with raw goods, spools of thread and roll tapes are stored on cores and made available for production. There are around 3500 articles.
    • The previous storage solution consisting of a pallet rack (shelving rack) with lower piece goods flow levels is suboptimal. The flow levels can be used well for items with high quantities. However, there are also items where only 10 or 20 roller belts are stored, which wastes a lot of space in the flow channels. In addition, the number of pallet spaces on the shelf is limited.
    • The coils must be stored more efficiently and in a space-saving manner. The aim is to have more pallet spaces (2,000) given the available storage space.
    • We are looking for a professional storage of the pallets and an optimized solution for small parts.
    • The order picking is carried out by order pickers with carts according to customer orders. In addition, entire pallets are made available for dispatch.
    • The new storage solution is intended to create a better order / overview in the storage process. All articles should be directly accessible. In addition, the picking time should be minimized and the picking of the articles optimized.
    • Several locations are to be integrated into a new location process.
    • In general, the risk of accidents in the warehouse should be minimized.

The BITO solution

    • The new solution consists of the (reduced) pallet racking system and an integrated multi-level system (MGA) for small parts and pallets.
    • The three-storey MGA allows the space above to be used better. The upper level is used as a shelf rack storage and pallet block storage. The shelves also have dividers so that the space can be used for several items. This leads to more efficient storage with limited space.
    • Instead of pallet parking spaces, an elevator was installed so that both pallets and order picking trolleys can be moved.
    • The integration of the MGA in the pallet warehouse leads to shorter routes. The picking routes are therefore much shorter than with the previous piece goods flow rack solution.
    • The fire protection concept is fulfilled by several escape options and a sprinkler system.

    Customer application

      • Combination of pallet rack for incoming goods and finished goods that go to the customer on pallets.
      • Integration of MGA in pallet rack storage
      • In the MGA, small parts as well as reels are stored upright, which are then picked according to customer orders. Raw materials for production are also stored.

    Customer benefit

      • More efficient storage solution and better use of space. The spools and small parts are stored more efficiently and in a space-saving manner. In addition, more pallet storage areas have been created (no lower throughput levels).
      • Faster picking due to a better overview / order and direct access to all articles. The installed elevator also allows better access.
      • Higher customer satisfaction through faster order picking and order dispatch
      • Savings in walking distances for employees, which increases the ergonomics of workplaces.
      • Integration of several locations in one location
      • Reduced risk of accidents

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