Pallet live storage racking ensures continuous supply of components for assembly


Our customer

Iveco manufactures a wide range of light, medium and heavy duty commercial vehicles. The lorry cockpits are temporarily stored at the site in Ulm, Germany, before being fed out to the assembly line in the correct sequence.


Initial situation and customer requirements

    • The company needed more storage capacity for cabs in their buffer store of semi-finished products. Due to their volume, the cabs are too large to be stored in the production hall.
    • An expansion of the product range was to be taken into account when planning the storage facility.
    • Make best use of space by increasing storage density.

The BITO Solution

    • A buffer storage area was equipped with pallet flow racks.
    • The storage levels were designed to accommodate customised steel carriers.
    • The pallet flow racks were made to measure so that different cab types can be stored in the smallest possible space.
    • Thanks to a clearly organised inventory in the buffer area and fast processes, the cabs can be supplied 'just-in-time' to the assembly lines.

Customer benefits

    • Customised solution
    • Trouble-free and safe operations thanks to separate loading and picking aisles and a neatly organised product presentation
    • Fast replenishment and streamlined processes
    • Full use of the available warehouse height by storing the cabs on 2 levels.
    • The live storage solution makes best use of the available floor space because only two service aisles are needed - one for replenishment and one for retrieval.

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