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    The efficiency of the service also depends on the choice of a logistical reorganization that began in 2009 and is constantly evolving.


Customer information

Sacchi Giuseppe S.p.A., founded in 1957, with the subsidiaries Comel, D.m.e. and DEMO, is one of the main Italian companies in the distribution of electrical equipment, lighting and industrial automation. For 60 years Sacchi has been working to offer a high quality service, providing the best products and solutions. 95 points of sale in Northern Italy, 2 consumer electronics megastores, a Logistics Center and 1,350 people who work in synergy, with competence and professionalism, to respond efficiently and quickly to the needs of over 40,000 customers. In 2017 Sacchi became part of the international Sonepar Group.

The BITO solution

    • Logistics management begins with the acceptance of incoming goods and the insertion of the material in the automatic warehouse inside the blue BITO containers divided within them by single-reference BITO dividing boxes, identified by a bar code
    • For the preparation of orders, on the other hand, green BITO containers are used (different colors for the different intended uses). 'udc and will put them in a green container, intended for distribution.
    • Once the picking phase is complete, the container will be sent to the packing area, for the material intended for customers and sorting, for the one intended for restocking the stock in the points of sale: in this area it will be closed with BITO disposable seals and labeled for the shipment


    • 3.000sqm of logistics area including storage, inbound, picking and outbound / sorting
    • Automatic warehouse of 55,000 units, to manage 25,000 references
    • 50,000 items available in 24h

Customer benefits

    • 20,000 picking lines per day
    • Reduction of picking errors by 2/3

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