• Gekås Ullared

    Compact storage and efficient handling of fast-moving full-size goods


About the customer

Gekås Ullared is Scandinavia's largest department store with over 100,000 unique items in the range. In 2019, Gekås was visited by 4.9 million customers who together shopped for SEK 5.6 billion.

Starting point and customer requirements

    • Large product turnover, which requires reliable and efficient warehouse furnishings
    • Minimal maintenance and maximum availability
    • Gekås Ullared has good experience of passage racks from BITO
    • In 2020, the company expanded its central warehouse by an additional 7,000 square meters

BITO's solution

    • BITO PROflow

    » Pass-through rack with a total of about 3000 pallet places.

    • The FIFO principle

    » First in, first out. The pallets are inserted from one side and picked out from the other side.

    • Compact and clear storage

    » The solution requires fewer truck aisles and thus less floor space.

    • Efficient picking

    »All items are available on the front of the stand for direct picking. When one pallet is picked out, the next one rolls forward automatically.

Application by customer

    • BITO's feed-through racks are located close to loading and unloading
    • The rack is used for bulk storage of high-frequency goods in large volumes

Customer benefits

    • Compact storage
    • High quality, low maintenance costs
    • Efficient handling of fast-moving all-purpose goods

This is what our customer says

“We are happy to build long-term relationships with our suppliers and the collaboration with BITO works very well. They deliver on time and their products live up to their promise.”

Niklas Frejd, logistics manager

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