• Formica

    Innovative BITO solution gains 60% more locations


Our customer

The Formica Group is a leading provider of branded, designed surfacing solutions for commercial & residential customers worldwide. Designers and furniture makers specify Formica because of its attractiveness and durability. The BITO racking installation is in their North Shields production facility.

Customer requirements

    • Storage and picking of over 2000 SKU's of large Formica sheets up to 4 metres in length
    • Treated sheets needed to be easily stored and retrieved for transfer to the pressing facility to create the final laminate product
    • Due to the nature of the items stored, the racking needed to be very high density
    • Despite the high density nature of the racking, ease of maintenance was another key requirement

The BITO Solution

    • BITO worked closely with Formica to develop a roller tracked location solution combining BITO pallet racking components and specially designed parts
    • The successful solution was a racking structure that was able to store up to 340,000 individual sheets at any one time
    • To enable the high density storage, rquired by Formica, the pitch between levels was only 250mm

Storage facility features

    • Warehouse size above 2000 square metres, with a 7.5m height
    • For product protection, the base for sheets on the rollers is made from a Formica panel
    • 26 levels with over 1900 locations
    • 15 BITO racking bays specially modified to make trolleys adapted to transport sheets between locations

Customer benefits

    • Safe, innovative storage & picking of difficult to handle items
    • Minimized distance between picking positions
    • Maximum utilisation of available storage space with minimal wasted space

Customer statement

"The flexibility of BITO's design team and the strength and maintainability of the solution has provided Formica with a bespoke system that ultimately leads to an improvement in our productivity and operational cost."

Grant Newberry, Lead Engineer, Formica Group