ELO Langfoerden


About the customer

ELO is based in north-western Lower Saxony and has been active in the cultivation and marketing of berries and vegetables for 70 years. ELO's sphere of action is national and also supplies wholesalers at home and abroad (mainly Scandinavia and Eastern and Southern Europe). Currently, around 100 truckloads are prepared and shipped daily in the high season, with Europe-wide shipments growing steadily.

Initial situation and customer requirements

    • The goods arrive at the plant in stacked vegetable crates on pallet storage and are made available there for distribution and delivery according to the FIFO principle
    • Prepare up to 3000 pallets daily for shipping
    • Integrate 10,000m² of new cooling and picking space into the existing process.
    • just-in-time delivery; from order to delivery maximum 15 hours
    • Integrate an efficient and functioning system into the already functioning process

The BITO solution

    • PDS pallet flow system
    • FIFO principle guaranteed
    • Constant availability of the goods
    • high efficiency through fixed goods locations
    • high charging frequency

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