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    BITO Carton live storage: Optimised storage density, selectivity, picking efficiency, product flexibility


Our customer

BorgWarner Turbo Systems is a leading global supplier of innovative charging systems and a competent partner to the automotive industry. In the power range of 20-1000 kW engine output per exhaust gas turbocharger, BorgWarner offers a wide range of turbochargers for passenger cars and commercial vehicles as well as for industrial, locomotive and marine engines. The company is based in Kirchheimbolanden in the Palatinate where the charging systems are assembled in two plants.

Customer requirements

    • Unit loads of different sizes and weights must be stored.
    • All parts should be clearly arranged, it must be possible to adapt flow shelf spacing to load size and shape.
    • The storage levels must accommodate multiple stacked trays.

The BITO Solution

    • BITO Carton live storage with widespan framework

    » BITO installs FLEX carton flow racks at the automotive supplier’s plant.

    • Brake rollers

    » The flow shelves for storing heavy loads are equipped with brake rollers to allow for a safe and smooth speed of descent toward the flow shelf front.

    • Stackable BITO trays

    » The sturdy plastic trays provide a secure base for item parts and components.

On-site application

    • The automotive supplier provides small parts in BITOBOX KLT containers stored in flow racks.
    • The flow shelves for light-weight loads have been mounted with a stronger gradient.
    • Parts and components needed for the same assembly unit are stored on the same flow level. In order to be able to store heavy loads on the same level as the lightweight trays or containers, the flow levels have been equipped with brake rollers to slow down travel speed to the picking face and prevent potential dropping.

Customer benefits

    • The FIFO solution ensures constant product availability at the picking face on any one level.
    • Optimum use of storage space with stackable trays.
    • All required assembly parts are stored in a neat, clean and organised way thanks to the system’s high degree of flexibility and configurability.

What our customers say

We have to slow down heavy load carriers on this gradient which no longer is a problem with the brake rollers.

Heiko Koch,Operational Logistics BorgWarner

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