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    Flexible, efficient and reliable logistics concept


About the customer

Beslag Design is an industry-leading company in fittings and interior products. The range consists of an exclusive selection of fittings and interior details for both homes and the public environment. The company's offices and warehouse are located in Båstad.

Starting point and customer requirements

    • Beslag Design has undergone a major expansion and needed a larger warehouse to meet the future
    • Logistics is a very important part of the business
    • The company was looking for new solutions for an efficient picking process

BITO's solution

    • Complete solution

    »Pallet racks, passage shelves and plastic boxes from BITO

    • Picking zones

    »The warehouse is organized in three different picking zones

    • Order and order

    »All storage locations are marked with a bar code and number

Application by customer

    • The new warehouse is 2200 square meters large and seven meters high
    • The company has 4000-5000 products that are stored in three different picking zones depending on how frequent they are
    • There are about 2700 picking places and 1250 buffer places

Customer benefits

    • All warehouse furnishings from one supplier
    • Surface efficient storage
    • Faster and more ergonomic picking with high quality

This is what our customer says

"BITO has helped us create a simple and efficient warehouse with ingenious solutions. It is a driven and knowledgeable partner with whom we want to continue to develop our warehouse."

Johan Plato, Supply Chain Manager

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