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About the customer

AMA Group is a leading e-commerce group in the Nordic region with the Ateljé Margaretha, Knittingroom, Linea and Åshild brands. Head office and central warehouse are located in Borås.

Starting point and customer requirements

    • AMA Group grew out of existing premises and moved to a newly built central warehouse
    • Tight schedule to avoid costly downtime
    • The range holds 70,000 items, of which 30,000 are stocked
    • About half a million shipments leave the warehouse each year

BITO's solution

    • Pallet rack

    »Pallet rack with a total of about 1000 pallet places

    • Shelf rack

    »Large number of shelves, of which a few sections with walk-through shelves

    • Drawers with dividers

    »Plastic boxes (BITO RK) with dividers that provide five storage places per box

Application by customer

    • A total of approximately 8,000 square meters of storage space spread over two floors
    • The upper floor serves as a buffer warehouse, existing warehouse furnishings have been reusable
    • The lower floor is furnished with new pallet racks and shelves from BITO, of which a small part is high storage
    • Approximately 25,000 picking places, manual picking with picking trolley

Customer benefits

    • Clear structure in the entire chain from delivery to picking, packing and delivery
    • Optimized product flow for the various brands
    • Higher picking speed

This is what our customer says

"It was above all the humility and flexibility that made us choose BITO. They listened to our needs and kept their promise to the letter. We are very pleased with the result."

Mikael Söderström, warehouse and logistics manager at AMA Group

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