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The ALKOR company is a Cooperative Group specializing in the distribution of stationery, office supplies and school supplies. It markets its products through its members united under the MAJUSCULE and BUROLIKE brands and via the merchant sites of these brands.

Initial situation and customer requirements

    • A logistics platform in constant evolution for ten years. To have proposed at each stage of the optimization of the logistics tool, the equipment which made it possible to optimize the storage space, to increase the productivity and to improve the quality of service.
    • A strong disparity of referenced products, in terms of volume, weight and quantities
    • Constant and sustained growth of the assortment
    • The installations of new equipment had to be carried out within a tight timeframe between two peaks of activity

The BITO solution

    • Dynamic parcel shelving with integrated conveyor

    • Locker and shelf racks

    • Or a total of 18,000 locations

    • Mezzanine of 2,500 m2

    • Pallet racks (25,000 locations)

Client application

    • Orders for high turnover products are prepared on dynamic parcel racks with integrated conveyor, accessible from a mezzanine. These are the 3,000 best-selling references in the catalogue.
    • Shelf racks are used to prepare orders for medium-turnover packages

Benefits for the customer

    • The shelving units adapt to the dimensions of the packages thanks to the easy-to-unclip dividers. Their dimensions were adapted to the space available under the pallet racks which made it possible to densify the stock and free up aisles for the trolleys.
    • The mezzanine has made it possible to gain 2,500 m2.
    • The dynamic parcel racks are easy to adjust to the different sizes of the boxes. They are particularly ergonomic because of the gravity. Integrating conveyors into dynamic shelving increases operator productivity.
    • Locker shelves fit perfectly under the racks. Their U-shaped structure saves additional space.

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