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    Better warehouse structure and more efficient picking


About the customer

AD has over 300 authorized car repair shops as well as a large store network that offers accessories and spare parts.

Starting point and customer requirements

    • AD built a new, larger central warehouse in Jönköping
    • The company wanted advice to create an appropriate warehouse solution
    • The range consists of a large number of items, a small part of which are high-frequency

BITO's solution

    • Systemmix

    » The new warehouse is equipped with a mix of pallet and shelf racks. In total, there are about 15,000 pallet spaces and 45,000 shelf spaces

    • Robust solution

    » Pallet rack with ample section load and deep support beams for half pallets

    • Fireproof

    » Grid shelves that meet the requirements for the passage of sprinkler water in the event of a fire

    • Clear marking

    » All storage locations are marked with a bar code and number

Application by customer

    • High warehouse with pallet rack for bulky goods and buffer goods
    • Picking area with shelf stand for high-frequency goods

Customer benefits

    • Better warehouse structure and working environment
    • More efficient picking
    • Increased service to their workshops and shops
    • Opportunity to grow and broaden their range

This is what our customer says

“BITO has been responsive to our wishes and also come up with its own suggestions for solutions. We now have a well-thought-out flow of goods with efficient inbound and outbound deliveries. The new warehouse gives us the opportunity to grow and service more stores. ”

Jörgen Edentoft, warehouse manager at AD

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