What are Storage Solutions?

Storage solutions is the name given to the systems and processes that optimise the storing, picking and shipping of goods from a warehouse.

Storage solutions is the name given to the systems and processes that optimise the storing, picking and shipping of goods from a warehouse. Storage solutions form an essential component of an organisation’s internal logistics as it will interface between procurement, production, distribution and disposal. These logistical flows that take place within a site are also known as intralogistics.

Structured, well thought-out storage solutions

Chaotic storage systems and long travel times will prolong processes. Uncontrolled tools, parts or items will quickly end up becoming trip hazards. A structured, well thought-out storage system is highly recommended for busy operations – particularly large e-commerce companies or manufacturing operations. Having well-managed facilities will not only improve internal processes, they will also enhance the everyday life of all warehouse employees. This is important because they carry out work that can be extremely strenuous or complex at the best of times.

An optimal and smooth operating sequence

Storage solutions incude racking systems made from steel such as high bay racking, archive racking, drive-in racking, pallet racking, cantilever racking, flow racking and shelving. They can be found in all kinds of locations in addition to warehouses including in offices, cellars, archives or factory buildings.

Steel shelving systems impress with their variety, modularity and stability. This makes them suitable for files, tools, boxes, work items or storage boxes. A particularly popular, widely used product is the universal boltless shelving unit, incorporating a variety of shelf types, dividers and cladding options.

In conjunction with racking, other storage essentials are plastic containers, folding cartons, picking bins and industrial pallets for transporting or storing large quantities of components or finished products.

Storage solutions also incorporate internal transport using continuous connected systems such as roller or belt conveyors and stand-alone handling equipment such as forklift trucks lifting equipment and platform trucks.

To fully utilise the storage system there are a range of ancillary warehouse equipment such as mobile safety steps, safety barriers and picking trolleys.

Finally, the importance of identification systems, strapping machines, measuring, counting and weighing equipment in the warehouse should not be underestimated.

Of course, simply selecting arbitrary items of storage technology will not necessarily lead to an optimum operation. To ensure the best use of storage technology it always makes sense to use external consultation and advice. This will lead to the design of storage solutions of optimum efficiency and improved workflow.

Increasing productivity and profitability

It is vital for companies offering a wide and diverse range of services and products to focus on the crucial factor of warehouse technology – particularly when considering business expansion and future proofing. Storage solutions are indispensable for a successful and profitable business as they can simplify a large number of processes. Countless companies suffer enormous losses in efficiency because they lack an orderly and well-organised warehouse and a well thought through storage concept.

Productivity and profitability are not the only factors to take into account during the initial equipping phase – company growth is a further vital consideration. Allowing continuous and sustainable expansion of storage systems is essential – without it, corporate growth will be constrained.

Safe storage solutions for the environment

Environmental storage is a further important area to consider. This combines occupational safety, environmental protection and the storage of hazardous substances. Safe and environmentally conscious storage of hazardous substances requires sumps, drum filling stations, hazardous substance depots and fire protection containers.

The purpose of environmental storage is not only the efficient and economic storage of goods, but also the safe and compliant implementation of regulations for the storage of hazardous substances, as well as occupational health and safety regulations.

Focused on the benefits to the user

The BITO team have been working in the field of warehouse processes for decades and our storage solutions are always geared to the benefit of the user.

Maintaining a constant exchange with our customers and system partners, we consider all practical requirements when developing and implementing our shelving, container and transport systems.

Our modern and intelligent storage systems are based on long-term solutions. As a manufacturer, BITO is a specialist in innovative production methods in the manufacture of shelving and container systems.

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