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Gain more storage space and reduce travel times with BITO live storage racking

  • Gain up to 60% of floor space by increasing storage density
  • Cut down travel times by up to 40%
  • Increase productivity and stock rotation frequency

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Dynamic, compact and clear storage with the BITO pallet live system

How the system works - simply explained

Choosing the right storage system will result in significant time and cost savings. BITO Pallet live storage is a convincing solution that allows to perfectly coordinate logistic processes. In addition to the benefits of compact and clear storage, planning intralogistic processes is easier.

Pallet live racking is a particularly efficient and space-saving storage solution:

  • Pallets are fed into the lanes at the loading side.
  • Pallets are retrieved/picked at the opposite side.
  • Load carriers move gravity-driven from the loading side to the picking side.
  • Products are stored in FIFO order.
  • A load separator at the picking side makes sure that service vehicles can retrieve the pallet at the front without having to compensate for lane pressure.

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BITO Pallet live storage is the ideal solution for the food & beverage sector

    • FIFO storage in a pallet live system (PLS) automatically ensures that best-before dates are adhered to, since goods that are stored first are always retrieved first.
    • FIFO storage guarantees a uniform storage duration of stored goods of the same type. It is the most commonly used storage strategy, as it avoids stock aging. Separate loading and picking aisles ensure compliance with the FIFO principle.
    • Perishable foods (e.g. minced meat, sausages, milk) have a very short shelf life and can therefore only be stored for a short time. Here again, live storage racking is particularly suited.
    • Of course, limitations also exist, such as reduced product accessibility (only first and last unit loads can be accessed). Since only one item is assigned to each racking lane, reference variety is smaller than in shelving facilities.

Application examples of BITO pallet live racking

Pilsner Urquell

The long-established Pilsner Urquell brewery opted for pallet live racking from BITO-Lagertechnik for pallet picking. The facility has a storage capacity totalling 2,000 pallets stored in long lanes of up to 29 pallets in FiFo order. By implementing a live storage facility Pilsner Urquell almost tripled their storage capacity and is able to compensate for seasonal fluctuations without any problem. In addition, damage- and trouble-free handling improves quality and reduces the number of complaints.

Deutsches Milchkontor

The German producer of dairy products Deutsche Milchkontor (DMK) uses BITO pallet live storage racking for dispatch route related order preparation at their loading docks. The four-level racking system provides more storage capacity and makes best use of the available storage space. The facility allows mixed use of European standard pallets and H1 plastic pallets. All products are stored in FIFO order. The roller lanes at floor level height accommodate products that are grouped according to tour batches. These lanes are serviced with electric lift trucks that move products directly into the lorries. The upper storage levels make full use of the available headroom and are used as a buffer store.

Vet-Concept GmbH & Co. KG

The pet food manufacturer Vet-Concept produces high-quality dry and wet food. Sales are conducted almost entirely through the company owned online store. The heavy bags of pet food as well as canned food are stored in pallet live racking providing a total of about 6,000 pallet positions. The upper storage levels are used for product buffering and replenishing the live storage pick lanes at floor level height. Since the pet food products are goods that have expiration dates, Vet-Concept store their products in First-in, first out (FIFO) order.

That's what our customer says

The new storage facility from BITO helps us cope with seasonal peaks and makes sure that we are always ready to deliver on time. By merging several small storage locations into one distribution centre, we were not only able to reduce transport and handling costs, but also to increase storage capacity from 700 to more than 2,000 pallets. All advantages considered, we expect a payback period of 2 years only.

Denis Milfait, Supply Chain Development & Support Manager

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