BITO reusable shipping boxes MB make a huge impact on your business and a low impact on our environment

  • Achieve significant CO₂ savings of around 60% by using multi-trip packaging instead of disposable cardboard boxes*
  • Avoid waste and make a valuable contribution to environmental protection
  • Make an impact with BITO MB plastic totes - your hard-wearing, safe and eco-friendly solution

Together we'll get it done! Establish a sustainable closed-loop shipping solution at your company!

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Should you buy online? Absolutely! But please do so without using disposable packaging!

As yet, there is no reusable packaging system for online retailing that is more cost-effective than disposable packaging. Time and again, customers are stuck with the return and the economic and practical expense. With more and more virtual stores being established, a lot of companies face multiple challenges. In addition to the enormous price increase of cardboard boxes, 52% of all retailers see themselves undersupplied because there is not enough cardboard packaging on the market. Cardboard boxes produce unnecessary shipping waste, which causes CO2 emissions to skyrocket. Our reusable containers are designed for hundreds of shipments. The containers can be 100% recycled at the end of their life cycle and the material can be used to manufacture new containers. For this purpose, BITO offers a recovery guarantee for all containers.

Safe transport without packaging waste

With our practical reusable shipping container series MB, we want to support and promote the development of sustainable supply chains.

  • Secure locking with security tags, digital seals or SmartHub technology
  • An extensive range of accessories broadens the range of applications
  • Exceptionally long service life and sturdiness

What are the benefits of multi-trip containers for your supply chain?

BITO reusable multi-purpose containers are a sustainable shipping solution!

    • Sustainable solution for your shipments - no packaging material required
    • We provide a wide range of container sizes and customization options.
    • Our containers provide reliable protection against moisture and dirt.
    • BITO MB containers are 100% recyclable and are known for their outstanding durability and sturdiness.
    • All containers comply with European dimensions and thus enable efficient use of space.
    • The containers can be adapted to reflect your CI through customised colours and printing options.
    • Optional digital features enable shipment tracking.

Digital shipping box – your non-plus-ultra solution

Why not benefit from SmartHub technology and opt for digital real-time shipment monitoring? This system provides maximum transparency for your supply chain. In addition to temperature and humidity, vibrations, movement and the exact geolocation are recorded and logged. After the lid has been closed, the SmartHub unit can simply be clicked into the lid. The simple plug and play installation enables immediate integration into your system. The data are transferred to the BITO cloud and can be accessed using a smartphone or PC. In addition, reports can be generated automatically. As soon as the system detects any discrepancies, an alarm message can be transmitted by mail.

  • Real-time data transmission
  • Geolocation tracking possible
  • Automated mail report on current shipping status
  • No labelling required which saves paper
  • Secure data transmission
  • Transparent shipping status

BITO Multi-purpose containers – Application examples

Take a look at the reBOX project

Through years of experience and cooperation with reBOX, we have built a secure and future-proof foundation to implement YOUR project.

The Berlin-based startup reBOX has made it their mission to combat the flood of packaging waste generated by online retail. This is to be achieved by introducing reusable shipping solutions. ReBOX offers interested companies both reusable shipping boxes and the appropriate monitoring software, thus helping retailers make the switch from cardboard boxes to reusable shipping boxes.

ReBOX is the first full-service provider in this field. The partnership with BITO-Lagertechnik who manufactures reusable shipping boxes is a great advantage for both sides.


  • Attractive shipping conditions

Reusable packaging and reasonable shipping terms are the name of the game when it comes to reducing the cost of returns. Since reBOX's shipping partners believe in us and the future of reusable packaging, we were able to negotiate especially competitive shipping and return prices for all reBOX customers.

  • No deposit – The system can be offered to end customers without the need for a deposit.

E-commerce purchases need to be quick and easy, and deposit charges don't fit the bill. The reBOX system fortunately also eliminates the need for end customers to pay a deposit on their reusable boxes.

  • Smart, simple, unique – user-oriented tracking software

Anyone who wants to get their shipping boxes back, needs to know where they are. With the help of the reBOX software, every reBOX can be tracked at any time without using expensive GPS tracking or other trackers. Of course, the system also automatically reminds your customers to return the boxes.

Our customer in Slovakia uses the BITO MB ECO series as shipping box instead of disposable cardboard boxes. The only way to make shipments truly sustainable is to use reusable packaging!

MobilOnline started using our multi-purpose MB containers as an ecologically responsible replacement for classic carton packaging. When placing an order, customers can choose how they want the goods to be packed. One option is to use a BITO multi-purpose container for which they pay a token fee as a deposit. Customers can choose whether they want to

  • return the container against reimbursement of the token fee
  • keep the container as their property to re-use it for further shipments.

Logit Syncreon

BITO MB containers – safe transport of premium-quality, sensitive high-tech products

Previously, the company stored and transported high-tech equipment in (often too large) disposable cardboard boxes or without wrapping in wire-mesh pallet boxes. Both options were to be replaced by reusable containers to ensure safe and damage-free handling of sensitive products in various sizes. For economic and ecological reasons, the customer wanted to reduce or even avoid packaging waste with this alternative. Other requirements were compatibility with European standard pallets, stackability and availability in various sizes.

What our customers say

“This sustainable packaging solution not only convinces us, but also customers from the crafts sector who increasingly make use of this container system. We are meanwhile delivering many orders using MB containers. This saves huge amounts of cardboard and paper waste and facilitates handling - nothing has to be folded and glued. Because MB containers can be nested, they take up little space when empty.”

Jens Mangold,UNI ELEKTRO Department Manager for Safety and Organisation of the Eschborn central warehouse

BITO Multi-purpose containers are a perfect fit for many industries

Food industry

The solution for perfectly temperature-controlled and safe delivery of fresh foods.

The requirements in this industry are particularly strict, because groceries are perishable goods. The demand for freshness and hygiene as well as proper chilling present extreme challenges. Despite these challenges, it is important that storage and transport offer the customer highest levels of flexibility. BITO provides the optimal material flow solution for keeping foods fresh on their way from the warehouse to the customer.


Flexible, fast and reliable logistics are particularly important in the healthcare sector.

Hygienic and safe storage as well as cold chain compliance are key. In order to meet the high demands, pharmaceutical and healthcare companies are increasingly relying on intelligent logistics solutions. BITO reusable multi-purpose containers ensure smooth shipping of medicines, vaccines and other pharmaceutical products.

Logistical services

Optimising materials handling and information flows ensures that deliveries are made on time.

In addition to managing freight forwarding, many logistics service providers are taking over all other logistical functions. This involves storing of a wide variety of products. From small and large parts to refrigerated and hazardous goods. Digitalization and automation have conquered this sector, too, and are essential to maintain and to increase supply chain performance. BITO is able to fulfill all requirements to be met by logistics service providers.


Durable and sustainable solution for shipping goods.

Online retailing is representative of a trend that is spreading across all industries. Accordingly, the demands on logistics have also grown. Safe transport of the products must be ensured in order to exclude transport damage. Reusable MB containers from BITO are a sturdy and sustainable alternative to simple cardboard boxes. They have been designed to meet the requirements of a wide range of industries.

Hazardous goods

Safe shipping of hazardous goods

Hazardous substances are always a sensitive issue. Improper use and shipping can entail dire consequences. Hazardous substances are potentially harmful for health, may be flammable or explosive and could damage the environment. Therefore, proper transport is essential. Our MB containers are ideal for transporting hazardous goods and help you avoid potential dangers.

Spare parts

Perfect solution for spare parts deliveries

Spare parts are in demand both in the B2B and B2C sectors of any industry. Dimensions range from small parts such as screws to larger parts

which can be safely transported in customisable BITO multi-purpose containers.

Postal services

The solution for on-time and reliable delivery of letters and parcels.

The postal services industry is a very dynamic sector with high throughput levels. Globalisation and internationalisation contribute their share to the constantly growing challenges. BITO MB containers help you cope with an increasing business volume and varying parcel sizes.

*The foundation “Initiative Mehrweg” has published a study entitled "Carbon Footprint of Packaging Systems" by the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics IBP. Since 1996, the Berlin-based foundation is committed to promoting climate protection by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Read more about the foundation on

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