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Real-time data monitoring could not be easier:

The Internet of Bins is about continuously recording and analysing information generated by so-called smart bins. These intelligent bins are equipped with sensors and IoT technology to capture various data such as the filling level, temperature and weight.

IoT technology makes it possible to monitor, manage and optimise the status of bins used for transport, whether in-house or on their way to customers. Whether tracking is real-time or event-based depends on the application and requirements.


  • Interconnect your load carriers and monitor your shipped goods throughout the entire supply chain.
  • Receive information on the receipt, dispatch, condition or damage of goods and identify problems before the customer does.
  • Achieve full transparency and process security and optimise inventories.
  • Automate data entry and posting of incoming and outgoing goods.
  • Benefit from the option of implementing an electronic product passport.

Your advantages

Linking load carriers to create an intelligent network enables seamless and sustainable resource management along the entire supply chain!

Features. Play it smart. Think ahead, think smart.

Setting up a bin management system saves time and money.

Fully automated data capture

Data is collected, analysed and managed automatically, without human intervention.


In addition to automated recording and posting to accounts, storage bins are located on a fully automated basis.


Depending on the application and the technology used, location tracking is accurate down to 3 metres.

Open system

The system is based on globally standardised technologies.


Customer references

Which components are needed for the technical implementation?

Achieve real-time transparency with just a few components!

Smart Labels – Bluetooth low energy (BLE)

  • They register radio waves from nearby devices - No lifetime power limit.
  • Tracking via barcodes, passive labels or Bluetooth low energy tags.
  • Passive label which only transmits data while near a defined energy source (e.g. RFID gate or gateway).

Active Smart Devices

  • Smart devices gather and exchange information.
  • They receive and send data through RFID, Bluetooth, WPS, GPS, Micro Geolocation transmitters.
  • They send live online alerts based on specific criteria.
  • They identify problems in real time.
  • Smart devices come with an integrated energy source and transmit data to a gateway.


  • Gateways provide the connection to the Internet.
  • They receive the data sent from smart devices.
  • They can be permanently installed or are mobile devices such as smartphones.

Cloud software

  • Enables data retrieval, management and analysis.
  • Depending on the application, additional features may be included, such as integration into your ERP system, interfaces or alert functions.
  • Networking load carriers provide actionable insights into the status, location and handling of goods in a consignment.

What is my first step towards IoB?

Everything from a single source – your specialist for automation and sustainable warehouse solutions

Let’s implement IoB in your processes together! By analysing the current situation in detail, we will outline individual steps tailored to your requirements. A pilot project can then be followed by the expansion of the system.

With BITO, you have a reliable project partner at your side who can react quickly to your needs.


Why choose BITO as your project partner?

  • Single sourcing:We produce plastic bins and containers in our own plant and provide customised bin management solutions.You reduce coordination, shipping and integration costs.
  • Easy implementation into your supply chain –by retrofitting or having IoB fitted to new bins and containers.
  • Expandability and scalability to requirement –Start with a pilot project and expand IoB to projects of any size.
  • BITO is a global player for innovative material storage and handling solutions –We are your single source supplier for shelving and racking, bins and containers as well as material handling equipment of premier quality.
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How can IoB be used?

  • Supply chain

    62% of the surveyed companies sustain significant financial losses due to workflow interruptions.

    • Unique, secure ID verification
    • Automatic demand messages
    • Asset localisation
    • Temperature monitoring

    +Dynamic shipment routing

    +Immediate detection of misdirected products

    +Supply chain monitoring

  • Inventories

    Potential savings through digitised and automated inventory management

    • Automated demand messages
    • Connectivity also at item level

    +No overstocking or
    product shortages

    +Supply chain monitoring

  • Load carriers

    According to studies, between 10 and 40% of load carriers get lost in the supply chain every year.

    • Location tracking of your assets
    • Data usage control

    +Improved fleet utilisation

    +Adjustment of the pool size
    to achieve maximum efficiency

    +Accurate measurement of cycle times

Best Practice – How customers benefit from IoB

Our customer operates a large distribution cycle with around 30,000 bins. Every week, 10,000 bins are brought into the cycle and returned to the starting point.


The bins are returned stacked on pallets and each bin must be manually booked as incoming item.

BITO Solution

The IoB tracking system registers the bins within a radius of 10 to 15 meters without the need for scanning. All data are automatically transferred to the inventory management system. Folding bins as well as stacked bins can be recorded while still in a stack.


The customer does not have to assign any employees for this job. Complete automation saves a huge amount of time. Errors during data capture are eliminated making the process fully transparent.


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