Warehouse condition monitoring

  • Seamless condition monitoring
  • Real-time temperature and humidity monitoring
  • The cloud solution allows accessibility around the world

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Condition monitoring for your warehouse

Warehouse requirements are constantly growing, which is why seamless condition monitoring is becoming increasingly important. Any warehouse that requires temperature or humidity control must be inspected and needs documentation. It is important to ensure that the number of measurement points is large and representative.

Many products must be stored at consistent conditions, f. ex. within a specified temperature and humidity range. Even the slightest differences can destroy products or damage goods. To prevent financial losses from product damage for your own business and your customers, monitoring ambient conditions is key.

BITO provides you with a system that continuously monitors and reliably documents conditions. This eliminates losses of time and cost involved in manual measurements and data analyses.

This is how it works:

Temperature monitoring with SmartHub, Beacon data logger and the BITO cloud

  • Install the SmartHubs as gateway with cloud connection at strategic locations in your warehouse
  • The beacon temperature and humidity loggers are placed in relevant areas, such as the closest and furthest points between the air conditioner and shelving or racking. We are happy to assist in determining the optimal number and location of the measuring points.
  • The SmartHubs record and receive temperature and humidity data of the surrounding beacons and read them out in real time.
  • Through their integrated SIM card, SmartHubs transmit data independently from IT-infrastructure to the BITO cloud With the built-in rechargeable battery, they transmit data continuously for up to 40 days even in the event of a power failure.

The monitoring system warns via text message (SMS) or email as soon as deviations are detected. This means that warehouse staff are informed immediately and can take action. Notifications come in automatically via web browser as alerts, logs, uploads & archived data.


    • Optimal global wireless connectivity (despite being shielded by buildings, etc.)
    • Longest runtime
    • Easy-to-understand display
    • Temperature resistant from -30 to +70°C

Your benefits


    • Reliable temperature monitoring system in manufacturing halls and large warehouses through Bluetooth 5.0 Long Range Integration
    • All data is encrypted and can only be viewed by authorised staff
    • Cloud storage allows access to your files from anywhere in the world
    • The system can be expanded at any time

Easy to use

    • The plug & play system enables quick and easy installation and application - the system can be expanded at any time as required
    • Simplified documentation through data report editing (.csv, .pdf)
    • Easy mounting - the SmartHub device is kept in place by a magnetic holder

Increased efficiency

    • Cost savings by eliminating manual processes
    • The SmartHub environment can also be accessed without direct power supply by means of batteries
    • Independent of WLAN or other IT infrastructure

Example of use: Temperature monitored pallet racking

The temperature monitoring system provides instant information
on temperature and humidity in warehouses, as well as in
refrigerated and ambient temperature storage zones.

The system provides further monitoring solutions for your intralogistics and supply chain automation

Hospitals: In-house transport and data monitoring

In-house transport and storage of sensitive medications in hospitals are associated with extreme costs and a high safety risk. Drug cooling must also be ensured on the way between stations and in storage rooms. Temperature and humidity monitoring must comply with demanding standards which require continuous data collection. Even minor temperature fluctuations during drug handling in hospitals can result in damage or loss of effectiveness. Detailed and reliable documentation of temperature and humidity data is therefore necessary.

Temperature monitoring in the pharmacy & during messenger service

Temperature monitoring and documentation in pharmacies is mandatory and clearly regulated by the pharmacy operating regulations (ApBetrO in Germany). This prevents that sensitive medications loose their effectiveness. In the case of medicinal and medical products, shelf life and usability are often only guaranteed under certain temperature ranges and physical conditions. In particular, medications requiring refrigeration can be damaged or lose their effectiveness even through minor temperature fluctuations. Suitable temperature monitoring in pharmacies aims at ensuring customer safety on the one hand as well as medicine safety on the other, to avoid financial losses due to damaged or disposed of pharmaceuticals because they can no longer be used.

Temperature monitoring of medical refrigerators

Until now, employees had to manually read and enter thermometer readings once or twice a day. This procedure is very labour intensive and error-prone. In addition, precise data analysis is impossible, as there are not enough measurements, i.e. reading intervals are too big. It is therefore not possible to tell how long a drug has been exposed to the wrong temperature.
The temperature monitoring system automatically generates, transmits and stores data, thereby bypassing all previous shortcomings.

Supply chain automation

The legal regulations and the requirements for monitoring temperature-sensitive goods are constantly growing. Systems are supposed to be sustainable and cost-effective, but also automatable and individually adaptable. Hence, the focus is on automating the supply chain
which can be done with the SmartHub solution. Reusable bins and containers are simply fitted with SmartHubs to monitor and track all important parameters.

Temperature monitoring of your warehouse

Even in modern climate-controlled warehouses, conditions in temperature zones can fluctuate. For temperature-sensitive products, such as medicines and biologicals, even small fluctuations can cause major problems and losses. The temperature monitoring system provides instant information on temperature and humidity in warehouses, as well as in refrigerated and ambient temperature storage zones.

Location tracking and access control

Globalization and, as a result, increasingly interconnected supply chains mean that comprehensive monitoring of international goods and container transports is increasingly important. Long distances and logistically complex processes entail many risks. As a result, the requirements in terms of security and transparency of the flow of goods have increased enormously. The monitoring system provides suppliers with a way to monitor temperature, humidity and location in real time.

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