• Office Depot

    Multi Tier Pallet Racking with Carton and Pallet Live loading


Our customer

Office Depot is one of the largest distributors of office equipment. Even in the world of office materials, the challenge of e-commerce is a reality. Following the takeover of various companies, Office Depot has constantly grown. The warehouse has therefore also had to grow.

Customer requirements

    • A warehouse more suited to the ABC classification and to the reality of the great diversity of product dimensions with the ultimate objective of increasing sampling efficiency.
    • Greater storage capacity in the existing warehouse due to the growing assortment and e-commerce.

The BITO Solution

    • We have built a four-level storage and picking facility with conveyors integrated into the 13 meter high warehouse.
    • A mixed system of Carton and Pallet Live for FIFO loading onto each mezzanine level.. Articles can easily be assigned to these different systems depending on the life cycle of the article.
    • The application of the LED system allows not only the undocumented collection but also a problem-free assignment of items to other lanes.

Customer benefits

    • Each m³ is used in the most optimal way. Maximum use of height, all four floors being equivalent
    • The loading takes place independently of the sampling process
    • Applying the FIFO Principle

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