• Comhan

    Cantilever shelving, on mobile bases.


Our customer

Comhan Holland is a wholesale producer of aluminum products. The company is working on aluminum plates and profiles for construction and industry. Comhan has a big stock. The length and the width of plates making the plates difficult to handle, which implies a repercussion on the productivity of the warehouse.

Customer requirements

    • The handling of long sections generally requires wide aisles. Comhan was looking for a storage method with a higher density and a more efficient flow.
    • Cantilever shelving provides a solution for these aluminum profiles. When the company knows a wide assortment, it is not always possible to place these cantilever shelving anywhere next to a gangway.
    • You can also use a three-dimensional electric order picker or a hanging crane, but these systems require a significant investment.

The BITO solution

    • The cantilever shelving is placed on mobile bases. Depending on the needs, the corridor can be opened and products can be treated in the classic way, frontal in a wide corridor with the stackers that are already there. Due to the fact that fall lengths and variations of the assortment also have to be taken into account, it was necessary that the cantilever shelving could be adapted flexibly.
    • To achieve better spatial use, BITO has installed mobile cantilever shelving.
    • The cantilever shelving can easily adjusted in the height for future flexibility.

Customer benefits

    • Higher storage density.
    • The presence of a buffer stock near the production.
    • A clear presentation of stocks

Implemented storage systems

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