Ideal if...

    • You want to achieve maximum efficiency of storage capacity at your bulk storage site.
    • You want to store pallets carrying widely varying weights.
    • You need to store goods particularly carefully.
    • You want to store a range of pallet types in a single rack.

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The fork lift-operated shuttle

BITO PROmotion is a battery-powered pallet conveyor system for lane-based storage (using lithium-ion batteries) It is ideal for all types of pallets - including low-quality ones. With the help of a conventional fork lift, the shuttle moves from one storage lane to another. Using a robust remote control system, it can independently transport stored goods through the lane. A fork lift is also used to load and unload pallets.

The shuttle-based compact storage system is the alternative to drive-in racks, push-back racks and pallet live storage. It can be operated based either on the FiFo (first in, first out) or LiFo (last in, first out) principle. It is ideal for all industries and can even be used in cold storage areas. BITO PROmotion can carry pallet weights of up to 3306.9 lbs.

Maximum safety: Working together with the mutual indemnity association BGHW Mannheim, specialist safety technology has been developed and implemented for this system.

Foto PROmotion Shuttle System, Referenz Leifheit
Foto PROmotion Shuttle System, Referenz Rossmann
Foto PROmotion Shuttle System, Referenz Leifheit
Foto PROmotion Shuttle System, Referenz Rossmann

Your benefits

    • Save time and costs

    » In the BITO PROmotion shuttle-based compact storage system, the fork lift no longer needs to enter the rack. This saves time and prevents racking damage. This in turn saves on repair costs.

    • Scalable

    » The PROmotion system is scalable: storage and retrieval rates can be increased by adding an additional shuttle.

    • Single-lane operation

    » Instead of only being able to use single-item racks as with drive-in racks, a shuttle-based compact storage system lets you operate a single lane and store a wide range of items in the same lane.

    • Super-compact storage

    » This system allows you to store items as compactly as possible. Available storage space is used optimally, no further need for a lane incline.

Designed for the LiFo and FiFo principles

PROmotion Shuttle System mit flexibler Bestandsänderung, Zeichnung
PROmotion Shuttle System mit flexibler Bestandsänderung, Zeichnung
  • » The BITO PROmotion shuttle is ideal both for LiFo- and FiFo-based use and can also be used for mixed operational types if needed. Its high degree of flexibility makes it possible to react dynamically to all challenges.

Compatible with other lane-based systems

PROmotion Shuttle System mit Kommissioniertunnel, Zeichnung
PROmotion Shuttle System mit Kommissioniertunnel, Zeichnung
  • » BITO PROmotion works very well with other lane-based storage systems such as live storage or drive-in racking solutions. This allows us to offer you the perfect system-based solution for any application.


Components & options

    • Safety laser scanner

    » A safety laser scanner improves employee safety. The scanner captures images of bodies (and objects) ahead in the direction of travel, preventing any potential collisions.

    • Pallet load sensor

    » The sensor identifies goods hanging over the edge of the pallet and/or when a pallet is loaded unevenly. The shuttle then stops sooner in order to maintain the necessary safe distance and avoid collisions between loads.

    • Configurable pallet spacing

    » The system can optionally be equipped with the ability to space pallets up to 13.79″ apart in the lane. This makes it possible to store even pallets with overhanging loads without any collisions.

    • Compatibility

    » The PROmotion shuttle system can be easily combined with BITO live storage systems and picking tunnels.


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