• FIFO principle

    Items stored first are retrieved first


The principle

A racking system is loaded with goods from one side which are later retrieved from the other: this is how the (strict) FiFO (first in, first out) principle works.

This approach to storage is recommended when items of a single type are being stored and it is essential to ensure that the oldest unit - the first one stored - is also the first retrieved. It is designed for optimal supply of goods for production and assembly work, and for industries which need to take account of factors such as grocery best-before dates.

A strict FiFo approach sees goods supplied based purely on this order, as is automatically the case in a live storage system without the need for any further provisions.

A more relaxed FiFo approach treats each item within a group identically (e.g. all items with the same best-before date) or takes into account factors such as distance to the picking position.

BITO’s range includes the ideal racking systems for FiFo to support both carton and pallet storage.