• Operator-to-goods order picking

    Manual, static picking.


The principle

The “operator-to-goods” approach to picking offers an unparalleled level of flexibility. It is perfect for businesses who need to react to a dramatically variable picking workload, perhaps due to seasonal peaks and corresponding fluctuations in turnover.

Compared with automated picking systems with demanding technical specifications and construction methods, the investment costs for manual systems are much lower. However, the picks-per-hour rate is significantly lower with a manual picking system than with an automated solution.

“Operator-to-goods” systems such as standard shelving installations are much more flexible than automated picking systems and are an outstanding fit for low-turnover products or for picking from a broad product range. By comparison, automated systems, such as automated small parts storage or shuttle-based compact storage, achieve higher throughput rates. These systems, however, cannot be adapted to meet fluctuations in orders or seasonal peaks without additional work.

Dedicated systems

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