• Goods-to-operator order picking

    Automated picking - short travel times, high picking rate.


The principle

“Goods-to-operator” picking is a dynamic, semi automated or fully automated picking method. The picker stands at the picking point, eliminating lengthy travel times.

Goods are supplied either by a conveyor or a driverless transport system such as LEO Locative. Goods are supplied by a warehouse management system and picked at a fixed picking point. The conveyor then promptly returns the container (either empty or containing remaining items) back to the warehouse.

By significantly reducing travel times, this improves picking rates dramatically.

The workflow associated with an automated picking system is significantly more efficient than that with a manual system. The investment costs for such a solution are considerably higher, and a system of this type is much less flexible.

BITO manufactures racking and container systems for automated warehouses and also supplies driverless transporters. We work with carefully selected system integration partners to design automated picking systems.

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