Order picking methods

BITO supplies systems for both manual and automated picking.

We distinguish between “operator-to-goods” and “goods-to-operator” picking, depending on how you prefer to supply your items. A number of individual steps need to work in perfect alignment to ensure each process flows perfectly from start to finish.

A single source supplier: To ensure your customers’ orders are processed as smoothly as possible, we offer storage technology for each individual step - and trouble-free picking, customised to meet your exact needs, is guaranteed.

Transporting items to picking stations, supplying goods for picking, passing on picking information, picking items, storing them in suitable containers, confirming all processes, onward transportation of picking containers and associated communications - for each step, whether manual or (semi-) automated, BITO has the perfect racking and container systems to make your picking process as efficient as possible.

These examples demonstrate the wide range of possible options for picking using BITO systems and solutions.