• Wurzener

    Time savings with BITO PROmotion Pallet Shuttle


Our customer

Wurzener, the producer of mill products and cereal flakes, is one of the most successful food companies in the new federal states. The product range includes more than 50 different products from the food sector.

Customer requirements

    • Increase the storage capacity of the existing block warehouse
    • Product-friendly storage / products not stackable
    • Moveving of 250 pallets a day

Customer benefits

    • Space maximally exploited
    • Pallets do not need to be stacked
    • Storage of larger variety of items, as only storage channels remain sorted - the storage channels do not need to be illuminated, only the storage places at the beginning / end of a channel
    • Time savings, the shuttle drives in the channel and not the truck

Implemented storage systems

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