BITO solid and stackable XL bins save space


Our customer

TWIN DISC International is an American company that has been operating for more than 50 years from Nivelles (Belgium). The company develops, produces and sells transmission systems for navigation products. Thanks to the use of new appropriate load carriers, which were part of the basic range of BITO, the subsidiary took a big step towards a production process, lean '.

Customer requirements

    • Reverting to lean manufacturing and a more efficient approach to production.
    • More storage space.
    • Quicker rotation times
    • Practical bins with a low weight, which are easily moved but with a large loading capacity for heavy parts.
    • A better solution for identification and labeling. The search for parts in the production process resulted in a significant loss of time.

The BITO Solution

    • The existing steel bins have been replaced by BITO-XL plastic stackable bins with the resulting benefits
    • Fully adjusted dimensions - 800 mm in length x 600 mm in width x 220 mm in height - A stackable container with attached feet, with a range respecting the Euronorm dimensions
    • Inner volume of 91 liters
    • A double bottom for fortifying the loading capacity and attached feet for handling with hand forklifts or pallet trucks
    • Dividers that can be moved freely in order to be able to store small parts and better protect them by avoiding damaging them
    • Open and ergonomic handles, features that make them easy to handle
    • Label slots on all sides for easy identification
    • A gain of 100 m² in storage space, as the BITO XL bins can carry a weight up to 200 kg and they can be stacked up to 800 kg

Customer benefits

    • Save time thanks to the use of labels on the bins, which avoids long searches in a large number of cases.
    • Reduced the number of damaged parts through the use of plastic bins and separations that can be moved as needed.
    • Thanks to the stackable nature, the warehouse has gained 100 m² of storage space.
    • Plastic bins with drainage holes, which allows them to be washed easily and also allows employees in the production to work in a cleaner way.
    • Although the bins are characterized by a high load capacity, the bins are lightweight and can easily be moved.

Customer statement

"The format of the steel bins that we had before, were not suitable for the production of parts of our assortment. Small rooms were found in bins too big, while large rooms did not fit in the bins. Because of this measurement problem, gear wheels were sometimes damaged. In addition, these bins were heavy, were not stackable and it was not possible to affix thumbnails identification to quickly check the contents of the tray. With this in mind, the company was actively seeking a reliable partner to solve these problems. BITO is the only bins distributor with the loading capacity adapted to the products we produce. After a test phase of about 6 months, during which we tried a dozen different bins, we opted for BITO XL bins."

Thierry Colassin, Head of Assembly Department

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