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    The sealed BITO MB container enables the safe transport of medicines


Our Customer

The Clinical Pharmacy of the University Hospital Dresden supplies 21 clinics with their wards, operating rooms, outpatient clinics, functional units and laboratories. They also supply 3 institutes and 8 interdisciplinary centers of the University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus at the Technical University Dresden (AöR) as well as approximately 15 institutes of the Medical Faculty (MF). In addition, supply contracts exist for the supply of surrounding hospitals and rehabilitation clinics. Some of the patients of the University Hospital are supplied via a unit-dose system. Drugs are picked individually for each patient and delivered to the ward. This system is supplemented by the activities of a pharmacist on the ward, who supports doctors and nursing staff in providing optimum care for their patients. The clinic pharmacy continues to have the most modern facilities for the production of pharmaceuticals. Every year, over 40,000 oncological and about 50,000 sterile preparations and many other dosage forms are produced here, both patient-related and in batches.

Customer Requirements

    • Due to lack of space, containers are needed which can be reduced in size when not in use (nestable).
    • The sensitive and expensive products that fall under narcotics laws must be protected against unauthorised access.
    • The cooling chain must not be interrupted for articles requiring refrigeration.
    • The hospital pharmacy needs containers made of robust material, as high circulation rates are achieved daily.
    • Picking in the clinical pharmacy is done with a shopping basket or cart.
    • To increase efficiency, several orders are picked simultaneously. In addition, grid roller carriages and conveyor technology are used. The containers used must therefore have good running properties on conveyor belts.
    • Different container sizes are required. However, the preferred box size is 400 x 300 mm.

The BITO Solution

    • With BITO MBP1 disposable security seals, manipulation of the MB container is impossible. Two seals are required per container.

    • It is possible to put labels on the BITOBOX MB for better identification.

    • The nestable reusable BITOBOX MB container is ideal for picking and is space-saving when empty. It is also stackable with a drop-on lid.

    • The reusable Thermo MB container is equipped with modular insulating inserts, which allow different areas to be cooled to different levels. The container can be tempered by using cold packs which can also serve as dividers.

    • The inlays, like the container, can be stored in little space. Medications and articles requiring cooling can be stored in an uncooled vehicle for transportation.

    • The BITOBOX MB with a double base is characterised by its stability, ease of cleaning and smooth running on conveyor systems. It has minimal base deflection even when used in automated small parts warehouses and it is also suitable for storing and transporting very heavy items.

Storage facility features

    • In the past, order picking in a clinical pharmacy was done with a shopping basket or trolley. Today it is possible to pick directly into the BITOBOX MB container. To increase efficiency, several orders are often picked simultaneously. In addition, picking trolleys and conveyor technology are used.
    • The BITOBOX MB is also used to transport medicines and articles to the clinics.
    • For medicines and articles requiring refrigeration, the reusable Thermo MB container with insulating inserts and cooling accumulators is used.
    • The contents can be protected by security seals.


    • Picking is done directly into the container
    • Medicines and articles are secured in the container during transport by using MBP1 disposable security seals
    • Space is saved due to nestability of the empty containers
    • A long service life due to hard-wearing plastic
    • Compliance with regulations (Good Distribution Practice) for medicines and articles that have to be kept cool by using MB Thermo containers
    • Better identification through the container print options

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