RAL colour table

Colour toneColourRAL tones fromtoNumber of tones
1xxxYellowRAL 1000RAL 103427
2xxxOrangeRAL 2000RAL 201212
3xxxRotRAL 3000RAL 303122
4xxxVioletRAL 4001RAL 401010
5xxxBlueRAL 5000RAL 502423
6xxxGreenRAL 6000RAL 603432
7xxxGreyRAL 7000RAL 704737
8xxxBrownRAL 8000RAL 802819
9xxxBlack/WhiteRAL 9001RAL 901812

In 1925, the German Institute of quality assurance and certification (Deutsches Institut für Gütesicherung und Kennzeichnung) developed the RAL colour matching system which grew to a very large number of colour tones over the decades. Periodically, new standards of colour are added. The intention was to give the paint and pigment industry assistance in the streamlining of their productions in order to avoid any coordination problems in the use of colours. The colour matching system proved to be so successful over the decades to come that it is now the standard colour guide in Germany and many other countries.

Refer to www.ral.de for more information

RAL 1003RAL 1015RAL 1021RAL 1023RAL 1028RAL 2000RAL 2001RAL 2002
RAL 2004RAL 2008RAL 3000RAL 3002RAL 3020RAL 4004RAL 4006RAL 5002
RAL 5010RAL 5012RAL 5015RAL 5018RAL 5023RAL 6002RAL 6005RAL 6011
RAL 6018RAL 6024RAL 7001RAL 7016RAL 7024RAL 7035RAL 7037RAL 7042
RAL 7045RAL 9001RAL 9002RAL 9005RAL 9006RAL 9007RAL 9010RAL 9016