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    BITO Pallet live storage provides more reference lines on the same floor space


Our customer

Essmann GmbH can look back on a long and successful history as beverage wholesaler and distributor, providing a large range of beverages from their distribution centres in many federal states in central and northern Germany to customers in trade, gastronomy as well as to beverage retailers and wholesalers. Since 2008, Essmann is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Radeberger group. Customers can choose from more than 2,000 beverage types and varieties with or without alcohol in single use bottles, deposit bottles and drums.

Customer requirements

    • Ensure permanent access to all fast movers.
    • Increase storage capacities to accommodate a widening product range.
    • Make sure that the racking layout can cope with seasonal peaks.
    • Allow for a pick quantity of 15,000 beverage crates a day (A-items).
    • Provide all logistics centres with a clever storage system that allows to maintain and improve delivery liability, service quality and adherence to delivery schedules.
    • Since picking individual items instead of entire pallets is very time intensive, the beverage logistics provider Essmann needed a solution to make order picking more efficient.

The BITO Solution

    • Fast movers are in direct access.

    » With all fast movers (A-items) in direct access in the picking tunnel of their BITO pallet live storage installation, Essmann is able to significantly increase throughput speed and volume.

Storage facility features

    • Efficient FIFO order picking
    • Picking positions are automatically replenished with new products.

Customer benefits

    • The new storage solution provides enough room for an always increasing product range.
    • Separate working aisles prevent that loading interferes with order picking.
    • No idle times for order pickers since products move automatically into the picking position.

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