• Kiviks Musteri

    Greater flexibility and better flow with automated process


About the customer

Kiviks Musteri is a family business dating back to 1888 when Henric Åkesson planted his first apple trees. Today it is a modern food company and a very popular destination in scenic Österlen.

Starting point and customer requirements

    • Kiviks Musteri had recently changed its process for logistics and distribution
    • Lack of storage capacity in connection with production
    • Need for greater flexibility for a more efficient logistics flow

BITO's solution

    • Automated process

    »Pass-through stand for pallets at the unloading area from production with a fully automatic pallet crane from Körber

    • The FIFO principle

    »Storage and picking takes place according to the FIFO principle (first in, first out)

    • Integrated systems

    »Seamless integration between BITO's and Körber's systems

Application by customer

    • The pallets come from the production on a conveyor belt and are placed in the right place in the passage point with the help of the pallet crane
    • Trucks deliver materials daily to the factory in Kivik and pick up finished goods that are driven to the warehouse in Kristianstad

Customer benefits

    • Compact and clear storage
    • Greater flexibility and storage capacity
    • Increased production rate without bottlenecks
    • Cost- and climate-optimized transport between factory and warehouse

This is what our customer says

"We did not really know which way to go, but BITO managed to understand our need and present an effective solution. Now we have the flexibility we need."

Nina Hjalmarsson, Supply Chain Manager Kiviks Musteri AB

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