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    Versatile storage solution for stockpiling many different types of materials and equipment.


About the customer

Eltronic Wind Solutions A / S is one of the leading experts in innovative solutions for the wind turbine industry - both onshore and offshore. The company's head office is located in Hedensted, but also has branches in both China and the United Kingdom. Eltronic Wind Solutions delivers both standardized products that match the general market requirements and customized solutions designed in close collaboration with customers. At Eltronic Wind Solutions, strategic partnerships with customers are the path to success. Eltronic Wind Solutions is part of the Eltronic Group with more than 500 highly professional engineers, specialists and technicians with extensive experience from the wind industry.

Customer needs

    • Furnishing of new warehouse
    • Help with the layout of the warehouse
    • Optimization of the number of pallet spaces on a minimal area
    • An entire BITO system

The BITO Solution

    • Space-saving pallet racks

    » BITO PRO Pallet racks offer particularly good space utilization and give Eltronic extra pallet space in a compact shelving system.

    • Shelving racks, wire fences as room dividers, shelving boxes and pallet pull-outs

    » Eltronic has a versatile warehouse with many functions and therefore needs a warehouse system that covers all purposes and needs.

    • Supplement for branch racks

    » When Eltronic, in collaboration with BITO, had branch racks installed in their development department, it only made sense for them to also install storage solutions from BITO in their new storage space.

Use at the customer

    • Pallet racks with 5 beam levels per section
    • Horizontal pallet stop at each beam level
    • Pallet pull-out for flexible access
    • Double puller of shelf racks provides good access to small items
    • Fencing wire fences can be locked off and make a space in the room

Benefits for the customer

    • High level of service
    • Many pallet spaces on a small area
    • Good contact with both sales and project manager
    • Total storage solution under BITO
    • Fast and professional treatment
    • Easy access to all items
    • The right solution for their needs

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